Arianna Bonucci Ugurgieri is a 25-year-old artist who creates surreal scenarios by inserting elements ranging from pop culture to contemporary art, from cinema to consumerism, from the world of nerds to the sphere of childhood.
A professional photographer in the fashion, food and still life sectors, she makes creative research her strong point, contaminating the various visual cultures with each other to awaken a sense of wonder and deja vu by treating current themes with a sparkling touch that recalls her own inner child.



It is told of appetite and temptation.

Of malice and delicacies.

Of prestige and madness.

Of spoiled palats and foreign flavours.

Of love stories and crime scenes.

Of forbidden passions and gluttony sins.

Of “Crack” “Splash” and “Oops!”.

“You don’t play with food!”.

Who knows what I will do, with these hands.

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