Roberto Gavinelli was born in Milan in 1941 and at the end of his studies he continued his father’s activity in the company for the production of flavorings for the beverage industry. In the 1960s, the Gavinelli company became a supplier of San Pellegrino, offering a non-alcoholic aperitif as an alternative to classic aperitifs. Thus was born the non-alcoholic San Pellegrino Bitter, later simply called Sanbitter. The fruitful collaboration with San Pellegrino subsequently leads to the creation of an aroma that will give life to the Chinotto drink which, with its fresh, bitter-sweet taste, today comes under the name of Chinò. In 1983 he met his future wife Dawn Steve Cain, in 1991 Gavinelli sold his business and some of his formulas to San Pellegrino, to devote himself full time to artistic activity expressing genius and creativity. Leaving a collection of visionary Cathedrals and a recipe book of formulas never made
Around the 1980’s Roberto Gavinelli using recycled materials created unique works of art called cathedrals. Sadly before his work could be recognised in the public eye Roberto passed in 1998. After being hidden from the public eye for four decades Roberto’s son, Graziano Gavinelli, has taken it upon himself to push his father’s work into the light, placing it centre stage not in a gallery but on the blockchain.



Graziano Gavinelli has placed 33 of these unique sculptures his father created, in our hands, here at Tokenance. 33 unique NFT Artworks inspired by each of the cathedrals will be available for purchase via our marketplace, Unikquo. With the purchase of one of these NFTs, you will also receive the corresponding extraordinary original sculpture.



With 100 artists from all over the world, 5033 NFTs will be created based on Roberto Gavinelli’s work.

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