Mission and History


Stefano Pisci, Chief Artistic Officer of Tokenance in collaboration with, Iole Pellion di Persano, Founder and Director of Recontemporary, are looking for artists from all over the globe, to join an initiative that aims to secure a sustainable future for emerging artists through the DAO, Art-is-Calling.org. 

Art-is-Calling.org aims to support your future as an artist, but also aids international non-profit organisations, supporting those in need during times of crisis.

The DAO will support its first 25 artists, who will be chosen based on their submissions for the extraordinary curated collection of NFT digital works entitled, ’CEO Factor – Humans of Tomorrow’, entirely dedicated to the leadership of the future.


‘CEO-Factor’, is a book published by IlSole24Ore dedicated entirely to the leadership of the future, written by Pierangelo Soldavini and Frank Pagano.

Tokenance and Recontemporary have chosen to curate this collection based on the value the project can bring both to the artists and the CEOs of the future. We strongly believe that collaboration is the key to success and that art can help one to better understand where visions come from, both through beauty and simple yet effective conversation amongst different platforms and discourses.


We are looking for our first batch of 25 emerging artists.

The profiles of 25 highly accomplished individuals that have achieved top manager status around the age of 30 will be published on the Tokenance Art social media pages. The artists are required to create an NFT artwork based on a profile or more of their choice.

From the submissions, 25 works and their respective artists will be chosen for the NFT collection entitled, ‘The CEO Factor – Humans of Tomorrow’.


  1. Follow Tokenance and Recontemporary on Instagram and Twitter.
  2. Submit a one-page (maximum) expression of interest highlighting why you are interested in this opportunity and why you have chosen that specific CEO.
  3. Submit your expression of interest and NFT Artwork to either Tokenance.io or recontemporary.com


On-Going Open Call. 


All profiles are not based on personal interviews, but alternatively have been built based on the CEO’s digital footprints (social media, News Articles etc.)

Be one of the first to join our Discord, here you will get weekly insights, and meet other emerging artists like yourself, with whom you can collaborate.


Email Stefano at stefano@tokenance.art

Don’t forget to attach your expression of interest and NFT Artwork! 

for any queries feel free to contact us info@tokenance.io

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Registered office:
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Tutorial di Decentraland

Come visitare con facilità l’installazione dal tuo PC (per il momento Decentraland non permette l’utilizzo di dispostivi mobili)

  1. Per visitare l’installazione, scansionare e seguire il link del codice QR qui sopra, oppure fare clic sul pulsante arancione qui sopra e verrai portato direttamente davanti a Unikquo Metafair.
  2. Se non si dispone di un account su Decentraland, è sufficiente entrare come ospite (guest) e seguire le istruzioni per creare un proprio avatar provvisorio. È sempre possibile creare un account in un secondo momento.
  3. Per un’esperienza coinvolgente e completa, assicurarsi di attivare l’audio. 

Navigazione nell’installazione 

Una volta entrati Unikquo Metafair su Decentraland, per la navigazione utilizzare i seguenti comandi del mouse e della tastiera . 

  1. Premere C per aprire e chiudere il pannello di controllo.
  2. Controllo della vista: fare clic sul mondo per bloccare il cursore e controllare la vista dell’avatar. Premere Esc per sbloccarla.
  3. Premere V per passare dalla visuale in prima persona a quella in terza persona.
  4. Premere I per aprire e chiudere lo zaino. 
  5. Premere N per nascondere e mostrare il nome dell’avatar.
  6. Premere U una volta per nascondere l’interfaccia utente di Decentraland.
  7. Premere Esc per chiudere tutte le finestre.
  8. Tab Espande il menu e permette di saltare da una sezione all’altra.
  9. Per spostare l’avatar, utilizzare i seguenti tasti:
    • W – Su
    • S – Giù
    • A – Sinistra
    • D – Destra

Decentraland Tutorial

How to easily visit the installation from your PC (Decentraland does not allow mobile devices at this time)

  1. To visit the installation, please either scan and follow the link in the QR code above, or click the orange button above to be taken directly to the Unikquo Metafair on Decentraland.
  2. If you do not have an account on Decentraland, simply log in as a guest (guest) and follow the instructions to create your own temporary avatar. You can always create an account at a later date.
  3. For an immersive and complete experience, be sure to turn on audio.

Navigating the installation

Once you enter Unikquo Metafair on Decentraland, use the following mouse and keyboard controls for navigation .

  1. Press C to open and close the control panel.
  2. View control: click the world to lock the cursor and control the avatar view. Press Esc to unlock it.
  3. Press V to switch between first-person and third-person views.
  4. Press I to open and close the backpack.
  5. Press N to hide and show the avatar’s name.
  6. Press U once to hide the Decentraland user interface.
  7. Press Esc to close all windows.
  8. Tab Expands the menu and allows you to jump from one section to another.
  9. To move the avatar, use the following keys:
    • W – Up
    • S – Down
    • A – Left
    • D – Right