Ink As Weapon, Ink As Grace 

Stefano Pisci, Chief Artistic Officer of Tokenance in collaboration with Porto Montenegro and celebrity tattoo artist Friday Jones, are looking for artists from all over the globe, to be part of an event titled Marks Of Protection: a visual exploration of ancient Slavic tattoo amulets as both a striking system of symbols and as a surprisingly effective method to combat human trafficking from historic invaders.


Today, the most common form of human trafficking (79%) is sexual exploitation. Sadly, tattooing is often weaponised by traffickers to mark their victims and keep them psychologically chained in shame. 

(To counter this, London-based)  Medaille Trust works with trained tattoo artists to transform these crude visual assaults into something beautiful, a symbol of power. As Stephen Hay, Director Of Police And Justice puts it, “These unwanted tattoos serve as prominent reminders of the trauma victims have faced, which is why the campaign is helping clients to redesign their tattoos and reclaim their bodies.”


Human trafficking was a terrifying reality of common life in the 15th century when the Ottoman Turks swept into the mountainous Balkans and ruthlessly plucked children from villages, never to be heard from again. 

To save their children, the tribes began to tattoo them as young as two years old with intricate shapes, pre-Slavic and somewhat Coptic in appearance. Marks that appeared to the superstitious invaders as rendering its’ bearers untouchable. Tattoos of protection.


We are looking for artists to express powerful images of resilience, creativity and transformation using Balkan tattoo design in the work.

The ‘Marks Of Protection’ collection will be curated by artist, writer, lecturer and curator Kenny Schachter and will be held IRL on Friday July, 1st 2022 on location at Porto Montenegro and virtually on Connect Club.

50% of the proceeds will go to the charities Medaille Trust, Operation Underground Railroad . 25% will go to the Artists themselves and 25% will go back into Tokenance, to fund future initiatives. 



Guests are invited to explore the Marks Of Protection art show with stunning visual variations on Balkan tattoo amulets from top artists of the region. A video wall showcasing the ongoing NFT collection at auction will be featured for the Crypto-inspired to assess and invest. Informative text on the fascinating history of the designs and temporary Balkan body art will be “on hand” to enjoy for a weekend of inspiration. 

July 1st 2022

On location at The Naval Heritage Collection, Porto Montenegro and virtually on Connect Club.


Live traditional tattoo demonstration by Zagreb artist Luka TomićA gourmet buffet and complimentary cocktails will be on offer for refreshment.

Presentation begins:

  • Dražen Jovanovic – symbolic history of Balkan tattoo tradition and thwarting the 15th century “child tax.”
  •  Garry Smith, CEO Medaille Trust
  • Brad Damon, CEO Operation Underground Railroad


Sounds of the riviera with Margo Lee and The Players Edition 22:30h Enjoy an open bar and dancing under the stars with Cafe De Anatolia’s DJ Tebra


The Marks Of Protection art experience officially closes 


Application process: from 1st June to 25th June


  1. Follow , @tattoo.montenegro and @kennyschachter on Instagram and Twitter. 
  2. Write  a one-page (maximum) expression of your Tattoo artwork highlighting its dedication to the connection between Balkan ingenuity and resilience in the face of great change. 
  3. Submit your work latest by the 25th June 


Submit your expression of Interest and Artwork to Marks Of Protection at


The Charities Medaille Trust, Operation Underground Railroad

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