Mission and History


The MetaGolfers collections are born from the belief that the iconic moments of great golf can be revisited in an artistic way and based on the concept for which success is ephemeral, while glory is forever.

The purpose of these collections, which will include all the Major Tournaments’ Winners, is to create a community called MetaGolfersCo, from which to develop the Metaverse of Golf, a virtual meeting place for all sportsmen who know how much the metaphysical condition affects the results in the most beautiful game in the world.

 I have spent more than a third of my life searching for the perfect shot, the unrepeatable moment, that juncture in which body, mind and soul come together for a common purpose: to make that damn ball fly exactly the way I want it to, and land it exactly in the most desirable spot. 

Every player knows in his heart, perhaps without ever admitting it even to himself, that this moment may never come but, precisely for this reason, the journey towards this non-place is so compelling. The desire for a perfection that does not exist but that if touched, even for a fraction of a second, just once, will nourish our souls of eternal seekers of happiness, forever.”

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